Distributors Are Required To Observe The Wecare Code Of Ethics At All Times.The Company Reserves Iis Right To Terminate A Distributoship At Any Time For Any Violation.


    a) Individuals Aged 18 Years And Above Can Apply To Be A Distibutor Of The Company.

    b) The Company Has Absolute Discretion To Decide Whether To Accept Or Reject An Application.

    c) Distributor Of The Company Is Not An Agent Representative, Or Employee. The Relationship Is On Principal To Principal Basis.

    d) All Applicatins Must Be Sponsored By An Existing Distributor.


    a) Bonus For All Distributors Is Computed Once In A Calender Month.And Commensurate With The Business Done In The Relevant Sales Month.Pay Outs Will Be Issued By The Company To The Registered Distributors.

    b) Distributors Are Required To Provide Their Addresses And Bank Articulars. Pan Details And Update The Same As And When Any Change Take Place. Company Shall Not Be Liable For Non-reciept Of Payout Due To Change In Address,E-mail,Pan,Bank Particulars.


    The Company Does Not Charge Any Renewal Fee.Distributorship Is Discontinued If The Distributorship Resigns And If The Resignation Is Accepted By The Company Or The Distributorship Is Terminated By The Company,Tf The Distributor Does Not Conduct Any Business With The Company For More Than Three Years, The Distributors Will Lose Lien.

    4.VALID ID:

    The Distributor Who Joins The Company Must Do Business Of At Least 700 BP( Product Only Without Literature And Businesstools) With In 30 Days Of Joining For His Id To Be Valid.If The Same Is Not Done, The Id Of The Distributor Will Be Treated As Invalid After The Expiry Of 30 Days Priod.


    No Cross Sponsoring Of Distributorship Shall Be Allowed.”Cross Sponsoring” In This Context Means:

    a) Singing Up Aa Existing Distributorship From Another Group.

    b) Signingup Under Another Sponsor To Operate His / Her Distributorship When His / Her Distributorship Is Still Valid.

    c) Allowing Other People Or Relative To Use His / Her Distributorship To Do Business.

    In The Event Of Cross Sponsoring The Following Action Shall Be Taken:

    a) If The Complaint Is Received After More Then 3 Months Of A Distributor Having Taken Another Id, The Same Will Not Be Entertained. On Receipt Of Such Complaint The Company Will Terminate One Of The Id’s Of The Distributor Which Ever May Be Deemed Fit And The Network Will Remain With The Action Id;.

    b) If The Company Receives Complaint Within 3 Months Of Cross Sponsoring The Company Will Terminate The Second Id Of The Distibutor And The Network Developed Under The Second Id Will Be Termineted.

    The Company Reserves The Right To Terminate The Offending Distributor At Its Own Discreation Aad Withholds Bonus Payments Of The Offending Distributor Till Time Settlement Takes Place. The Company’S Decisin In The Above Cases Will Be Final.


    a) Unit Head Is The Superme Authority Of That Particular Unit.

    b) All Field Personal From Rank No. 02 And Above Are Hereby Directed To Render Proper Services,Guidance,Motivation Etc.To Their Rrspective Down-Line Members.

    c) If Any Senior Executive,I.E Rank No.02 And Above Do Not Render Proper Services To Their Junior Team Members,Company May Take Disciplinary Action Including Stop Payment,Suspension And / Or Termination Of Their Distributorship,Subject To Proper Investigation.

    d) Code No. May Be Terminated For Any Anti Company Activities, Engagements With Similar Company Without Prior Approval Of The Management..

    e) Recruitment Of Field Workers Would Depend On Management Policy And As Per Norms Issued In Circulars And May Very From Time To Time.

    The Company Management Reserves Its Right To Change,Rectify Or Amend Any Of The Above Mentioned Rules And Regulation From Time To Time.

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